Phoenix Special Events

Arizona Fine Arts Expo
If you enjoy unique art, check out the Arizona Fine Arts Expo. This exciting expo features the artwork of many local Native American artists as well as artists from across the country. Ranked in the top 10 of fine art shows in the United States, the Arizona Fine Arts Expo will provide you with many opportunities to explore the artwork of the Southwest.

Arizona National Horse Show
Arizona is home to many ranches and the western way of life, so it is no surprise that Phoenix would have a National Horse Show. The Arizona National Horse Show includes many contests, classes and demonstrations in horsemanship. The horse show also features displays and exhibits of western wear and horse tackle as well as western art and crafts. There are also several craftsmen who demonstrate everything from leatherwork to horseshoeing.

Arizona Renaissance Festival
If you enjoy the atmosphere of castles and knights, then check out the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Celebrate the spirit of chivalry and open marketplaces when you visit this exciting walk into the past. Featuring live entertainment like jousting competitions, jugglers, and outdoor plays, the festival also includes great food and drink, wine tastings, local craftsmen and much more. If you enjoy the spirit of the medieval times, then check out the Arizona Renaissance Festival.

Grand Avenue Festival
If you want to attend a very unique festival, check out the Grand Avenue Festival in Phoenix. The festival features products and services of businesses near Grand Avenue and provides interesting events such as a fashion show made from recycled rubbish and art made from materials that have been thrown away as well as many other displays and events. The Grand Avenue Festival also includes live music, art displays and reading from local poets as well as the opportunity to tour through old buildings in the area that have been redesigned to provide facilities for new businesses.

Arizona Home and Garden Show
When you are looking for interesting ideas on how to dress up your home then check out the Arizona Home and Garden Show. Whether you are looking to improve your homes interior through some remodeling projects or looking to improve the curb appeal of your home, you can find many great ideas at the show. You will get to see the latest trends in home design, energy efficiency, landscaping methods and more to improve the look of your home.