Getting Around Phoenix

The Freeways
The freeway system is Phoenix represents its major investment in transportation. Interstate 10 makes its way through Phoenix on its way from Tucson, El Paso, and parts east to its terminus in Los Angeles, California. As you enter the city limits from either direction, various segments of freeway break off to investigate the inner parts of the city. Examples include route 101, which runs the circumference of the city, and loop 202 surrounding some of the smaller cities in the metropolitan area. Routes 51 and 143 extend lesser distances toward regions such as the airport and the northeast valley, where towns such as Scottsdale are located.

Light Rail
In 2008, Phoenix unveiled its brand new light rail system. Metro Light Rail carries more than 40,000 people to their destinations throughout downtown Phoenix and extending into many suburbs every day. The rail system is particularly useful for reaching the various sporting events held in different parts of Phoenix throughout almost any week.

Public Buses
The public busing system in Phoenix is known as the Valley Metro. It is the 14th largest bus system in the country. This mass transit system services more than 100 bus routes in the metropolitan area. These routes include regular routes as well as limited stop routes. Some routes experience such heavy usage that they see new buses every 15 minutes during different parts of the day. Buses run as late as midnight in some areas.

The Sky Train
The Sky Train is a shuttle service that transports people to and from different key points in the city. It is an automated system that moves passengers from Sky Harbor Airport to a light rail juncture on 44th Street and Washington. It also makes stops at each of the airport's three terminals and in the economy parking lot.

Sky Harbor Airport
Other forms of transportation in and near Phoenix include Sky Harbor Airport itself, which serves 40 million passengers per year. This is one of the largest airports in the country. It is served by three modern terminals with a great variety of shops and restaurants to make your passage through this transportation hub as comfortable as possible. Parking lots include economy spots and several connections to other forms of local transportation, such as buses and trains.